Pastor Jamé is passionate about people reaching the fullness of God in every sphere of life. 

Raised in bicultural Texan home, started in a think tank, worked as a management consultant, educated & pastored in the Northeast megapolis of Boston & Metro NYC (New Jersey) .  He celebrates his wife & children, enjoys Mexican food and Fútbol (He’s Yorktown FC soccer coach).

PJBAs Victory Christian Center‘s Lead Pastor he is responsible for preaching, vision and overall church life. He also teaches ethics & management at Southeastern University & Evangel Theological Seminary, Kiev, Ukraine.

He studied theology, ethics, and public policy at Southeastern (B.A.), Gordon-Conwell (M.A., M.A.R.), Harvard, Rutgers (M.P.A. & Politics).  He holds Ordination with the Assemblies of God.

You can find him @, at Aromas Coffee Shop on Monday’s and on Friday’s in his prayer cave. 


Recommendations via LinkedIn

“As a Pastor, Jamé has consistently lived and performed his ministry by the Biblical words “Seeking justice, loving mercy and walking humbly with God”, and in addition to the charisma and enthusiasm he brings to his ministry, the wealth of theological knowledge and experience as a Pastor is unmatched.

His work as a Pastor has touched many lives in very positive and uplifting ways, and I count him as a tremendous influence in my understanding and appreciation of historical and modern Christianity.” Daniel Sanabria -Morales, parishioner, pastored by Jamé at Christian Life Church.

“Jame is a man of integrity and principle. I had the privileged of serving with him during a recent congressional campaign. His leadership and tireless commitment to advancing the values, virtues and principles of restoring the American dream were an inspiration. Jame would certainly be an asset to any organization!”  Robert Basmadjian, Owner, Spectrum Marketing & Communications reported to Jamé at Social Integrity Management

“Jamé and I studied non-profit management and community development together. I was impressed by the depth of his thinking and his ability to reduce complex issues into easy to understand constructs. I was also inspired by his dedication to his community and his convictions — which allowed him to build a ministry from a flock of just a few followers. He is an inspiration.”  Peter Manda, Esq. Student, Edward J Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy, studied with Jamé at Rutgers University

“Jame is a very focused researcher. He digs deeply into details, while at the same time, keeping the client abreast of the direction of his research so that he is using his time properly to fulfill the client’s needs. You will get more than you are expecting as a result of his efforts.” Steve Turner, Chief Operating Officer, WorldWide Mobile Systems, LLC with Jamé at Social Integrity Management.

“Jamé is a deep thinker with a strong commitment to empowering individuals and helping people reach their maximum potential. He is also an asset to organizations and communities, bringing a wide range of knowledge and skills. You want Jamé on your team!” Sean Rogers (, Ph.D., Instructor, and Research Assistant, Rutgers University, studied with Jamé at Rutgers University.

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